Adobe® Photoshop® Album Starter Edition

Adobe® Photoshop® Album Starter Edition

Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition - find, share, CD, email, calendars, etc
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Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition software helps the user to find, share, fix, organize, burn photos CD, attach photos (pictures) to email, send to mobile phone, create calendars, slide shows, greeting cards, print pictures or output files, etc. from images captured by camera, scanner, whatever digital mean, from existing pictures on the Hard Disk or other removable memory media.

It organizes pictures by the title, label, date, time, comments, etc. and find them using the same procedures.

The user can choose the desired photos (pictures) and make greeting cards, calendars, books, full screen slideshow, PDF slideshow, etc. to be sent by email or shared with family and friends, as well as printing to the local printer or order prints on line.

The application can import images from cameras, scanners, memory sticks, etc. and stores them into a given folder for further treatment. Once they are ready i the Hard Disk, the program can manage them as all the pictures. Then the user can fix manual or automatically (general, crop, red eyes), adjust color, levels, contrast, sharpen, rotate, resize, delete, duplicate, adjust date and time, update, add caption, update thumbnail, attach and remove tags, add (or remove) the picture to (or from) a collection, etc.
The program organizes the images by collections (if desired) and sort them by date, time, tittle, tag, etc. within the collection. The "Photo Well" option is a manner of displaying photos with no other controls shown, just the pictures.

The application finds pictures by the date, caption, filename, media type, tags or the images withot any tag associated.

Photoshop Album Starter Edition can directly create email messages with Outlook, Outlook Express, Hotmail, Eudora, and AOL, attaching pictures to the created emails (only limited by the mail client memory limitations).

Ignacio Solves
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Discontinued by the developer.

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  • Complete set of utilities for organizing and manage photos for calendars, greeting cards, etc


  • Some problems with mail clients (see the readme file)
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